Co de Kloet in Dooner’s World!
26th feburary 2021

Co and Mike ‘Dooner’ Muldoon speak about the following topics:

Growing up in Holland Trini Lopez – If I had a hammer Cool story about an indoor Festival with Ry Cooder, The Eagles, Chi Coltrane, The Who, Rod Stewart, and… Gary Glitter? –  Early Zappa experiences Winning tickets to a show in 73 On radio telling his love – won tickets Amazing George Duke story Meeting and interviewing Frank Zappa at The Pulitzer Hotel in 1977 – Working with Terry Bozzio – Seeing Frank in 1978 in Rotterdam – The 1979 Interview with Frank – 3.5 hours w Frank!! – Co’s Zappa Word game – he stumps Mike Keneally – FZ turns 50, so Co throws a party on the radio on his Supplement show Interviewing Frank in Cali, then Flo and Eddie in NY Suzie Cream Cheese calls Going to Cali to see FZ – 93 – sitting next to Suzie Cream Cheese’s Uncle?  -White coke red Russians

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