Co has been invited by leading guitar magazine GITARIST to choose his favorite FZ guitar track, along with the likes of Steve Vai, Mike Keneally and Guthrie Govan.

Click for the Gitarist playlist.

Here is Co’s comment.




Of course, the question of choosing 1 favorite Zappa track should be prohibited by law. But in this context I choose Black Napkins from the LP Zoot Allures, a release from October 1976. A live recording made in Osaka earlier that year. A year of decisions:  Manager Cohen was fired, the  lawsuits  piled up and the band’s name was changed from Mothers to ZAPPA, in Frank’s words: ‘like Montrose’. In this version he seems to tell us all about this, because BN sounds like the voice of a man on a mission: in this small line-up, the guitarist Zappa shows himself to be a master of storytelling, phrasing, tone, and everything with  that  almost unmanageable  honesty.  He would play the tune many more times, but even he would never match the razor-sharp undertones of this recording.