Co’s choice for Gitarist Magazine

2021-04-27T10:18:03+02:00April 8, 2021|

Co has been invited by leading guitar magazine GITARIST to choose his favorite FZ guitar track, along with the likes of Steve Vai, Mike Keneally and Guthrie Govan. Click for the Gitarist playlist. Here is Co’s comment. Enjoy! TITLE: BLACK NAPKINS From: ZOOT ALLURES Of course, the question of choosing 1 favorite Zappa track should [...]

Podcast Track Record: Valley Girl – Moon & Frank Zappa (Dutch)

2021-04-08T17:31:53+02:00April 8, 2021|

Voor deze podcast spreekt Peter de Ruiter radioman en producer Co de Kloet, die een boek over zijn vriendschap met Frank Zappa schreef, en logopedist en stemcoach Alex Boon, die een nuchtere kijk heeft op 'Valley Speak'. De stem van Moon Zappa wordt vertolkt door Natalie Rarick. Frank Zappa (1940 - 1993) deed weinig anders [...]

Co at Dooners World, april 2, 2021

2021-04-08T17:01:54+02:00April 8, 2021|

Dooner's World - Co de Kloet april 2, 2021 Co shares some of his experiences with the Captain Making of “I Have a Cat” Stories of Herb Cohen, George Duke, and flavored cheese Gary and Co and the Metropol Orchestra Co’s book, Frank and Co, available on e-book  Watch the show here:  

Ernest Potters favorite photo: Frank Zappa

2021-03-29T13:52:10+02:00March 5, 2021|

In an interview on youtube (check out 15.30 min) photographer Ernest Potter talks about his favorite photo. This is the photo of Frank Zappa you can find in the galleria in Frank & Co. This is the link to the interview, which is in Dutch, with English subtitles.  

Co de Kloet in Dooner’s World!

2021-03-01T18:36:03+01:00March 1, 2021|

Co de Kloet in Dooner's World! 26th feburary 2021 Co and Mike 'Dooner' Muldoon speak about the following topics: Growing up in Holland Trini Lopez – If I had a hammer Cool story about an indoor Festival with Ry Cooder, The Eagles, Chi Coltrane, The Who, Rod Stewart, and... Gary Glitter? -  Early Zappa experiences [...]


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